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National Home Improvement Services is one of Upstate, NY leaders in Home Improvement. Our recipe for success rooted in honor, and cultivated one relationship at a time via old-fashioned hard work, has made its mark on hundreds of satisfied home-owners in the Capital Region. The founder of NHIS, Vance Irwin Michael Parella, is a son, husband, father, laborer, minister and missionary, steadfast in the belief that the integrity of our service to you is one in the same as our service to God, hence we take your business very serious. This is a promise we live by and our strong relationships locally and abroad are evidence of our pledge.

The Inclement Fall 2018 Weather

Most homeowners are fully aware that leaving gutters unserviced [uncleaned] over the winter is the leading causes of water damage to homes thus the importance of servicing their gutters and downspouts. Yet most homeowners also are fully aware that its not practical to have the gutters serviced before the leaves drop. In the best interest of our valued clients it is this reason why we work diligently at all cost to honor our commitment to our valued clients especially when severe weather conditions arrive prematurely as we have experienced this fall. The freezing rain and air which we have been experiencing since early November causes snow and ice to accumulate on all surfaces including: Ground, ladders, roofs and in the gutters complicating the service causing significant delays in executing the service in these conditions. Henceforth, If NHIS technicians arrive and find gutters frozen additional intensive labor [Thawing Gutters + Use of Hookbar] is required to effectively remove frozen debris lodged in gutters and downspouts – a mandatory 25% maintenance service charge will be charged.